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PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-1 0211
Rachel Knapp
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-2 0211
Dillon Savage
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-3 0211
Emily Anderson
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-4 0211
Ian Pummell
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-5 0211
Alexis Megliore
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-6 0211
Casey DiNicola
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-7 0211
Lauren Brace
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-8 0211
Cole Gaddor
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-9 0211
Elle Warick
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-10 0211
Dylan Labarge
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-11 0211
Paige Dominic
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-12 0211
Calan Deuso
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-13 0211
Ellen Silverman
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-14 0211
Andrew Caswell
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-15 0211
Samantha Martin
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-16 0211
Walker Gosrich
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-17 0211
Mary Barkla
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-18 0211
Chad Dashnaw
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-19 0211
Grace Sullivan
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-20 0211
Bradley Shumway
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-21 0211
Paige Spittler
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-22 0211
Keagen Briggs
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-23 0211
Hayley Kuhl
PPR SPORTS All-Academic Team-24 0211
Skyler Gilbert

Fall John J. Herbert All-Academic team

---- — The Champlain Valley Athletic Conference has announced its John J. Herbert All-Academic Team for the fall 2013 sports season. Information and photos were provided by the students’ schools.


Rachel Knapp (soccer)- Key Club officer, National Honor Society, Student Council, Plattsburgh Football Club, basketball, track.

Dillon Savage (football)- Class President, National Honor Society President, S.A.D.D. Treasurer, High Honor roll, selected and attends New Visions Medical Program, baseball, hockey.


Emily Anderson (volleyball)- National Honor Society, Varsity Club, Peer Connector Mentoring Program, NYSSMA Vocal Solo Outstanding Medal Achievement, Accidentals (female a capella group), Model UN with honors, Senior Class Vice President, basketball, track and field.

Ian Pummell (soccer)- Harvard Model United Nations, National Honor Society, Student Council, Debate Club, track and field.


Alexis Megliore (volleyball)- National Honor Society, Key Club, Student Council secretary and treasurer, Chorus, basketball, softball.

Casey DiNicola (soccer)- Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, National Honor Society, Tri-Lakes Youth Lacrosse, Whiteface Club Golf Pro Assistant, basketball, lacrosse.


Lauren Brace (soccer)- National Honor Society, Yearbook Committee, Student Council, softball, basketball.

Cole Gaddor (football)- National Honor Society, Yorkers History Club, Greek Club, Drama Club, Engineering Club, participated in national History Day, volunteered for Charity Wrestling Shows, basketball.


Elle Warick (soccer)- Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, Student Council, class officer, basketball, softball, track and field.

Dylan Labarge (soccer)- Math Honor Society, Student Council, class officer, baseball, basketball.


Paige Dominic (soccer)- National Honor Society, Key Club, softball.

Calan Deuso (soccer)- Key Club, basketball.


Ellen Silverman (swimming)- National Honor Society, Global Affairs Club, Yearbook Club, Math League, Girl Scouts, Sunday School Teacher, High Honor Roll, So Others Might Eat volunteer, Capital Area Food Bank volunteer, St. Augustine’s Soup Kitchen volunteer.

Andrew Caswell (cross-country)- National Honor Society, Harvard Model United Nations, Math League, PEAK volunteer assistant, Chazy Youth Hockey volunteer, hockey.


Samantha Martin (volleyball)- Drama Club, National Honor Society, Acdemic Excellence Awards, German-American Partnership Program, All-County Chorus, indoor and outdoor track, softball.

Walker Gosrich (cross country)- Adirondack Youth Orchestra, Select Vocal Ensemble, NYS Band Directors’ Assoc. Honor Jazz Band, Key Club, National Honor Society, Drama Club, Science Olympiad, Key Club, golf.


Mary Barkla (swimming)- Academic Excellence Award, Key Club, High Honor Roll, Model United Nations.

Chad Dashnaw (cross-country)- National Honor Society, Key Club Secretary, Eagle Scout.


Grace Sullivan (cross-country)- National Honor Society, Key Club Vice President.

Bradley Shumway (soccer)- National Honor Society, Key Club, Student Athletic Association.


Paige Spittler (soccer)- soccer captain.

Keagen Briggs (soccer)- Key Club, Model United Nations, Student Council, basketball, tennis.


Hayley Kuhl (soccer)- National Honor Society, Chorus, mentoring, softball, indoor and outdoor track.

Skyler Gilbert (football)- National Honor Society, Chorus, Jazz Ensemble, Night Shadows All-Male a capella group, Quiz Bowl, baseball, indoor and outdoor track.