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Beekmantown offensive linemen Chris Rowell (74) and Brennan Pelkey (62) will try to pave the way for running backs Justin Stevens (22) and Devin Fessette (4) this season. The Eagles visit Ticonderoga tonight. (P-R Photo/Rachel Moore)

Beekmantown roster features speed, athleticism


Speed kills, and no one knows that better than Beekmantown football coach Jamie Lozier.

“We only have 27 players, but we have a very fast and athletic 27,” Lozier said. “This is my 13th year coaching, and this is the fastest team we’ve ever had. The team average in speed 40-wise was like a 4.9. That’s linemen added in and everything.”

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After a 6-3 campaign a season ago, Lozier credits his team’s athleticism and quickness to Beekmantown’s Jump Camp, an eight-week speed and conditioning program during the summer that is designed to prepare athletes for school sports.

“Out of the 27 kids, we had 24 of them do our Jump Camp program here at Beekmantown,” Lozier said. “It’s a high-intensity program that builds explosiveness and endurance. Almost our entire team went through that whole program this year.”

Lozier is in his third year as head coach of the varsity team. During his first 12 years as a football coach, his chief responsibility was calling plays for the defense.

This fall, however, he will coordinate and oversee the Eagles’ offense.

“I think we are going to surprise people with some different things offensively,” Lozier said. “I’m definitely an offensive guy, and I kind of think that’s what helped me defensive-wise. I kind of know what offenses are trying and what they want to do.”

Lozier said the play calling will be balanced with an emphasis on the Delaware Wing T, an offensive set where a majority of running plays are executed with pulling one or more offensive lineman.

“It’s going to be difficult to prepare against us,” Lozier said. “We’re running the Delaware as much as we pull and trap with the combination of running multiple wide receiver sets at any given time. It’s going to be a challenge for a lot of teams.”

With Zach Myers lost to graduation, Beekmantown returns senior Jacob Remchuk at quarterback.

Remchuk, who made one start against Saranac Lake in Week 6, completed 7-of-15 pass attempts for 93 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions last season.

“He looks phenomenal,” Lozier said. “He was competing for that spot last year. The two were pretty much equal, and I’m just kind of old school where I’m going to always go with the senior there. He worked really hard in the offseason, he’s fast and he’s got a monster of an arm.”

Remchuk’s likely primary target will be senior tight end Quenton Barber.

Barber hauled in eight catches for 237 yards and two touchdowns last season.

With the Delaware Wing T in place as Lozier’s projected offense, Devin Fessette, who returns for his third season of varsity football, is likely to get a healthy number of touches in the backfield.

Despite being injured for the first four weeks of his junior season, Fessette managed to rush for 403 yards and four touchdowns in the team’s final five games.

After catching 12 passes for 121 yards and one touchdown, junior Justin Stevens will move from wide receiver to fullback. Like Fessette, Lozier expects Stevens to make significant contributions in the backfield.

“With Justin Stevens, his speed, strength and endurance is going be a threat for every team,” Lozier said. “We kind of moved him over because Fessette is a great tailback, and we want them both on the field at the same time. We have weapons all over the field this year.”

The Eagles return Chris Rowell, Brennan Pelkey, Domenic Trombley and Gavyn Noonan on the offensive line, while newcomer Bruce Goddeau is slated to be in the starting five.

Rowell is 6 feet, 5 inches and 280 pounds, and Pelkey is equally as big, according to Lozier.

“(Rowell) improved tremendously with his conditioning,” Lozier said. “I just can’t get over how much better physically he’s gotten from last year. He’s just a bull.”

On the defensive side of the football, Beekmantown held its opponent under 10 points in four of its nine games a season ago.

Rowell and Noonan will provide a tough and rugged approach on the inside at defensive tackle. Pelkey and Barber are more finesse players at defensive end, providing a tough task for opposing tackles with their agility.

“We have a very powerful forefront,” Lozier said. “We have athletic and speedy linebackers. Our secondary guys flock to the ball. With good discipline rules that we have at Beekmantown, we have a lot of potential and high expectations for this year.”

Lozier said his players have bought into the coaching staff’s system, partaking in weightlifting and coordinated training sessions since May.

“We’re very lucky as a program, as a team to have the athletes that we have,” Lozier said. “This group is all about each other. They get along, and they help each other out. It’s been a fun start.”



Coach: Jamie Lozier

No. Name Position Year

1 Cameron Garceau WR-DB Sr.*
2 Tyler Myers RB-OLB So.
4 Devin Fessette RB-DB Sr.*
7 Tyler Newman FB-MLB Jr.
8 Jacob Remchuk QB-OLB Sr.*
15 Mickey Pepper QB-DB Jr.
21 Ben Trombley RB-DB Sr.
22 Justin Stevens RB-OLB Jr.*
23 Kyle Dupigny RB-OLB Sr.
25 Cameron VanNatten WR-DB Sr.
31 Dylan Peryea FB-MLB Jr.
50 Chris Mills G-DT Jr.
55 Brandon Defayette T-DL Sr.
56 Cody LaPlante T -MLB Jr.
62 Brennan Pelkey G-DE Sr.*
64 Bruce Goddeau G-DL Jr.
65 Noah Trombley OL- DL Sr.
71 Tanner Williams T-DT Jr.
72 Benny Mitchell OL-DE Jr.
74 Chris Rowell T-DL Jr.
75 Domenic Trombley C-LB Jr.
76 Gavyn Noonan T-DT Sr.
77 Shane Bassett G-LB Jr.
80 Dan Rodriquez-Offman TE-LB Sr.
81 Tristan Kemp WR-DB Jr.
88 Quenton Barber TE-DE Sr.
*Denotes captain