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Beekmantown's Matt Corrow fires a shot during the Section VII bowling championships at North Bowl Lanes in Plattsburgh Saturday afternoon. (Gabe Dickens/P-R Photo)
PPR SPORTS Bowling-2 0209
Beekmantown's Sara Munson lines up a shot during the Section VII championships at North Bowl Lanes in Plattsburgh Saturday afternoon. (Gabe Dickens/P-R Photo)

Beekmantown boys, girls capture Sect. VII bowling titles

Peru's Bowman fires 300 game 709 series


PLATTSBURGH — The Beekmantown boys’ and girls’ bowling teams defended their Section VII Championships at North Bowl Lanes Saturday, with the Eagle boys having to work a lot harder.

Meanwhile, Peru junior standout Jonathan Bowman put on a sensational individual show, with a 300 game included.

The Beekmantown boys finished with a 6106 total for the six games and had their hands full with AuSable Valley, which ended up just 106 pins behind at 6000.

“People were expecting our boys to win, but right from the get-go I knew we were going up against some outstanding bowlers from AuSable Valley, Peru and Northeastern Clinton,” Beekmantown coach Charlie Stone said.

The Beekmantown girls, meanwhile, had no problems as they finished with a 5516 total, with runner-up Ticonderoga with 4903 — 613 pins off the pace.

“Our girls have been outstanding all season long,” Stone said. “They just have the talent and experience, and they have been there.”

The Peru boys finished in third behind Beekmantown and AuSable Valley with a 5762. Bowman certainly did his part.

Bowman rolled a 300 game in the morning shift and ended up with a 258-300-232-790 series and came back in the afternoon with a 235-237-256-728 triple.

The junior has other 300s to his credit, but this was the first for him in either CVAC or sectional bowling.

“The shots were all there in my 300 game,” he said. “I just wanted to enjoy it and be with my teammates. I wasn’t nervous at all about any of the shots.

“I definitely was relaxed (Saturday) and I had fun. And we did the best we could as a team.”

Leading the way for the Beekmantown boys were Ryan Douglas with 234-244-257-735 and 215-215-618 series, while Ryan Munson added 637 and 634 triples, and Austin Delisle, 611. Dennon Walantus and Matt Corrow also added 200 games for the Eagles.

AuSable Valley held a 3115-3078 lead over Beekmantown following the morning shift before the Eagles took a 4035-4005 after the fourth game.

Douglas finished strong in the fifth game to preserve a 5123-5091 lead and Munson was big in the sixth and final game with a 248 game.

“Douglas came through for us and Munson had a powerful game,” Stone said. “But all of our bowlers came through.

“Kudos to AuSable Valley — they had an outstanding season.”

The Patriots were led by Josh Taylor with 684 and 627 series, Mike McDonald with 619 and 645 sets, Roger Preston with a 632 and Noah Martineau, a 614. Jimmy Provost added a couple of 200 games.

Beekmantown B finished in fourth place and AuSable Valley B took fifth. Northeastern Clinton was sixth.

Other top series for the boys included Ticonderoga’s Cole Frasier with a 689, and NCCS’ Joey Robert with a 665 and Matt Jolicoeur, a 662.

Meanwhile, Harley Wells rolled a 210-215-211-636 series to lead the way for the Beekmantown girls. Sara Munson added 576 and 584 triples, Paedyn Mattioli a 581 and 567, Alyza Agoney 540 and 520 sets, and Cheyenne Reeves, a 191 game.

“Our girls have worked hard all year as a group,” Stone said. “They cheer one another on as a group and that makes it easier.

“They just outbowled everyone (Saturday).”

The Eagles took the lead from the start and had a 897-768 edge over the Indians after the first game.

When the first 3-game session was completed, Beekmantown had a commanding 2804-2399 advantage over Peru.

Cassidy McKee’s 204-221-617 series led the second-place Sentinels, while Abbey Boudrieau tossed a 208-223-602 for third-place Peru.

High games on the day for the girls included Mattioli with a 239, Willsboro’s Gabrielle Yeager with a 225 Peru’s Boudrieu with a 223, and Ticonderoga’s McKee, a 222.

Section VII Bowling Championships

North Bowl Lanes


Team scores

1, Beekmantown A, 3078-6106. 2, AuSable Valley A, 3115-6000. 3, Peru A, 2924-5762. 4, Beekmantown B, 2710-5412. 5, AuSable Valley B, 2472-5344. 6, Northeastern Clinton A, 2705-5269. 7, Saranac A, 2540-5231. 8, Ticonderoga A, 2558-5219. 9, Saranac B, 2540-4842. 10, Plattsburgh A, 2387-4738. 11, Moriah A, 2301-4536. 12, Peru B, 2145-4043. 13, Plattsburgh B, 1879-3966. 14, Ticonderoga B, 1857-3765. 15, Moriah B, 1801-3691. 16, Willsboro A, 1281-2765.

Top individual scores

AuSable Valley A- Noah Martineau, 208-236-614; 201. Roger Preston, 227-213-632; 202. Jimmy Provost, 201; 201. Josh Taylor, 222-236-226-684; 235-213-627. Mike McDonald, 235-206-619; 247-205-645.

AuSable Valley B- Brandon Ano, 211. Tyler Atkins, 247-204-612; 238-208-636. Ryan Thomas, 210. Ben Coolidge, 246-202-203-651.

Beekmantown A- Dennon Walantus, 214; 211. Matt Corrow, 231. Austin Delisle, 215; 218-228-611. Ryan Munson, 247-202-637; 203-248-634. Ryan Douglas, 234-244-257-735; 215-215-618.

Beekmantown B- Morgan Brown, 200. Austin Recore, 202-200-233-635. James St. Denis, 225; 224-244-636. Andrew Baker, 204; 216.

Moriah A- Tom Rancour, 226. Toot Whalen, 214.

Northeastern Clinton A- Chris Kokes, 222-220-628; 246. Matt Jolicoeur, 200-247-215-662. Joey Robert, 203; 249-204-212-665.

Peru A- Brett Ciolek, 202; 200. Kyle Mendofik, 221; 243. Jonathan Bowman, 258-300-232-790; 235-237-256-728.

Plattsburgh A- Hunter Marbut, 214; 221. Alex Varnell, 207.

Plattsburgh B- Dylan Alger, 219.

Saranac A- Dalton Exford, 206. Jack Malek, 225; 213. Chris Fall, 226-208-603; 206.

Saranac B- Nick Maze, 223; 203.

Ticonderoga A- William Gonyo, 207-202. Gavin Fleury, 204; 204-202. Cole Frasier, 240-267-689.


Team scores

1, Beekmantown, 2804-5516. 2, Ticonderoga, 2456-4903. 3, Peru, 2399-4731. 4, Plattsburgh, 2023-4190. 5, Northeastern Clinton, 1960-4100. 6, Saranac, 1870-3761. 7, Moriah, 1734-3539. 8, Willsboro, 1656-3250. 8, AuSable Valley, 1301-2689.

Top individual scores

Beekmantown- Alyza Agoney, 180-520; 193-203-540. Cheyenne Reeves, 191. Sara Munson, 197-210-576; 199-182-203-584. Paedyn Mattioli, 239-581; 223-185-567. Harley Wells, 210-215-211-636; 189-529.

Northeastern Clinton- Autumn Rock, 192.

Peru- Briaunna Varno, 205; 195-526. Abbey Boudrieau, 208-223-602; 199-509. Karri Kusalonis, 195; 192-183-526.

Plattsburgh- Jessica Shaffer, 198-190-540; Brooke Marbut, 181-505.

Saranac- Anna Dorrance, 186; Taylor Duquette, 212-522.

Ticonderoga- Cassidy McKee, 204-191-222-617; 201-181-531. Cerise Bush, 210. Jeanette Coon, 182; 193-511. Cheyanne Tuthill, 189-525.

Willsboro- Gabrielle Yeager, 225-534; 184-526.