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Jeremy Carpenter turns back to begin another lap during the 100-yard breaststroke competition at the Section VII/X Championships held at AuSable Valley Central School Saturday. Carpenter, a senior at Plattsburgh High School, came in first in the event with a time of 1:08:86. (Ben Rowe/P-R Photo)

Plattsburgh rolls to Section VII/X swim title

By: By Monica D'Ippolito

CLINTONVILLE — Led by a strong senior class, Plattsburgh dominated the Section VII/X finals Saturday in boys’ swimming.

“I’m really proud of these guys, they had a great meet,” Hornets coach Pat Goodell said. “They individually improved on their record times and all the hard work they did during the offseason really paid off (Saturday).”

Plattsburgh placed first with 421 points, followed by Franklin Academy with 272, then AuSable Valley and Beekmantown took third and fourth place, respectively, with the Patriots accumulating 255 points and the Eagles 10.

Matt Evans and Spencer Hall each took home first in both of their two individual events. Evans with a time of 22.81 seconds touched first in the 50-yard freestyle, while beating his own pool record set earlier this season in the 100-yard freestyle, touching in at 50.57 seconds.

The most memorable event of the night might be after Evans received the first-place ribbon for the 50-yard freestyle, he encouraged teammate Brett Rotz to accept the award on his behalf. Rotz was then embraced with a loud applause.

“I was hoping for it (to beat the pool record again) and I did it, which was nice,” Evans said.

Hall finished first in the 200-yard individual medley and 100-yard butterfly, with times of 2:18.65 and 1:00.54, respectively.

“(I’m) extremely happy; it’s my first time going for an individual event. I’m really excited,” Hall said. “I have swam in those events all four years and it feels so good to finally be able to go to sectionals for them.”

Kenny Hausrath and Jeremy Carpenter are the other two Hornets who placed first in their respective individual events.

Hausrath touched first at the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:01.76, while Carpenter won the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:08.86.

“I think I did really good, got a couple of personal records,” Carpenter said. “It’s a little bittersweet though because this is my last sectional meet ever.”

The Hornets also came in first in all three relay events.

Hausrath, Hayden Reidy, Evans and Robbie Hartman swam in the 200-yard medley relay for a winning time of 1:48.14, while Nicholas Nowosielski, Shawn Courson, Hartman and Evans swam in the 200-yard freestyle relay, with the victorious time of 1:37.97. In the final event of the afternoon, Hall, Connor McSweeney, Dalton Harney and Carpenter swam in the 400-yard freestyle relay and finished in the first-place time of 3:45.08.

“We know we had a good chance, but we definitely did better than we expected,” Evans said. “It was the results we wanted.”

Goodell credited his entire senior class for its leadership throughout the season.

“This was a great senior class, Spencer Hall, Jeremy Carpenter, Matt Evans, Robbie Hartman, Connor McSweeney and Shawn Courson all led this team from the preseason all the way through (Saturday). All are not only our seniors but our captains of the team,” Goodell said. “They are all state qualifiers and we’re looking forward to go to Rochester and represent our section and do the best we can.”

Hall, Evans, Hausrath, Carpenter and AuSable Valley’s Gavin Friedrich, who placed first in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:59.43 and the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5:29.87, will head to state qualifiers in their respective events.

“As a team I’m optimistic, but we’re mainly going to have fun and gain experience,” Evans said. “Me personally, I’d love to make finals in 50-yard freestyle, that’s my goal, but we’ll see.”

“(My best event is) probably the 100-yard breaststroke because the past three years I’ve gotten beat during sectionals, (but) I finally got to go to states for that event, which I love,” Carpenter said.

“(It means) a ton. Swimming is my main sport. I’ve been doing it my whole life, this is the end and now to go to states for my last year is amazing,” Hall said.

Team scores

1, Plattsburgh, 421. 2, Franklin Academy, 272. 3, AuSable Valley, 255. 4, Beekmantown, 10.


200 medley relay- 1, Plattsburgh (Hausrath, Reidy, Evans, Harman), 1:48.14. 2, AuSable Valley (Whitney, Drollette, Friedrich, Champine), 1:55.94. 3, Franklin Academy (Tober, Bronner, Moore, Tracy), 2:00.09.

200 freestyle- 1, Friedrich (AVC) 1:59.43. 2, Carpenter (PHS) 2:02.57. 3, Martin (PHS) 2:20.89. 4, Bordeaux (FA) 2:25.46. 5, Hausrath (PHS) 2:29.29. 6, Godbout (FA) 2:31.87.

200 IM- 1, Hall (PHS) 2:18.65. 2, Hausrath (PHS) 2:26.78. 3, Harney (PHS) 2:27.84. 4, Nowosielski (PHS) 2:34.93. 5, Drollette (AVC) 2:36.31. 6, Moore (FA) 2:38.35.

50 freestyle- 1, Evans (PHS) 22:81. 2, Hartman (PHS) 24.13. 3, Courson (PHS) 24.49. 4, Tracy (FA) 25.46. 5, Champine (AVC) 26.02. 6, Schanck (FA) 26.19.

100 butterfly- 1, Hall (PHS) 1:00.54. 2, Harney (PHS) 1:05.89. 3, Tober (FA) 1:09.32. 4, Whitney (AVC) 1:09.36. 5, Moore (FA) 1:12.44. 6, Reidy (PHS) 1:13.70

100 freestyle- 1, Evans (PHS) 50.57. 2, Hartman (PHS) 53.37. 3, McSweeney (PHS) 57.66. 4, Schanck (FA) 58.90. 5, Champine (AVC) 58.93. 6, Rodriguez (FA) 1:00.19

500 freestyle- 1, Friedrich (AVC) 5:29.87. 2, Gordon (FA) 6:15.08. 3, Martin (PHS) 6:21.12. 4, Garland (FA) 6:38.31. 5, Agoney (AVC) 6:39.24. 6, Hanf (AVC) 6:45.48

200 freestyle relay- 1, Plattsburgh (Nowosielski, Courson, Hartman, Evans), 1:37.97. 2, Franklin Academy (Schanck, Tracy, Tober, Rodriguez), 1:44.42. 3, AuSable Valley (Drollette, Bushey, Bola, Sheffer), 1:54.51

100 backstroke- 1, Hausrath (PHS) 1:01.76. 2, Whitney (AVC) 1:01.91. 3, Reidy (PHS) 1:04.90. 4, Qudsi (PHS) 1:14.17. 5, Garland (FA) 1:14.92. 6, Gordon (FA) 1:15.92

100 breaststroke- 1, Carpenter (PHS) 1:08.86. 2, Bronner (FA) 1:15.14. 3, Nowosielski (PHS) 1:15.99. 4, Reynolds (FA) 1:19.75. 5, Bordeaux (FA) 1:21.55. 6, Drollette (AVC) 1:22.19

400 freestyle relay- 1, Plattsburgh (Hall, McSweeney, Harney, Carpenter), 3:45.08. 2, Franklin Academy (Schanck, Tracy, Tober, Rodriguez), 3:48.70. 3, AuSable Valley (Whitney, Agoney, Champine, Friedrich), 3:55.94