Girls' Swimming

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Swimmers take off at the start of the 100-yard freestyle during Saturday's Section VII swimming championships at AuSable Valley High School. Plattsburgh captured the event and finished with nine first-place victories. (P-R Photo/Rachel Moore)
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Plattsburgh's Alexis Kelley flies through the water during the 100-yard butterfly at Saturday's Section VII swimming championships. Kelley won the event in a time of 1:05.34. (P-R Photo/Rachel Moore)
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Plattsburgh's Kelly Davey participates in the 100-yard backstroke during Saturday's Section VII swimming championships. Davey captured first in a time of 1:06.59. (P-R Photo/Rachel Moore)

Plattsburgh dominates at the Section VII girls' swim championships

By: Monica D'Ippolito

CLINTONVILLE — A disqualification in the first team relay was not how Plattsburgh was looking to start its day Saturday.

But, that proved to be lone hiccup for the Hornets as they followed with one second-place finish and then nine consecutive first-place finishes, including two pool records, at the Section VII swimming championships.

Plattsburgh recorded its third consecutive undefeated season by tallying up 366 points to win the Section VII crown.

Peru placed second with 255 points, AuSable Valley took third with 224 points, and Moriah finished fourth with 167 points.

After disqualifying in the 200-medley relay, the Hornets placed first in the next three team events and placed first in each individual event except for the 200-yard freestyle, which was won by the Patriots’ Emily McCormick.

“Right out of the gate I think we were on a downward spiral,” Plattsburgh coach Jay Ruff said. “So at the 50 freestyle we had a team meeting and knew we had to turn it around. We couldn’t let this affect what’s going to happen from that point on.”

Ruff’s words seemed resonate with his team, as they placed first in the next nine events. Their streak started with Brooke Kelly’s personal best and pool record time of 2:20.70 in the 200-yard IM. Teammate Kelsey Primard placed second behind Kelley at 2:40.05, followed by the Indians’ Ellie Silverman with 2:48.83.

“We were all excited. Our goal of the meet was to PR (personal record) and have fun,” Kelley said. “The team really pulled through ... it was just fantastic.”

In the 50-yard freestyle, Plattsburgh’s Amanda Leonard placed first with a time of 26.91, followed by fellow Hornet Toni Lavalley with a time of 27.44.

Alexis Kelley then placed first in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:05.34, followed by AuSable Valley’s Lydia Brown with a time of 1:08.50.

The Hornets would then place1-2-3 in the 100-yard freestyle, with Leonard coming in first once again with a time of 1:00.48. Lavalley and Jenna Burdo finished with times of 1:02.12 and 1:04.69, respectively.

Alexis Kelley had her second, first-place finish of the day in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5:37.91. McCormick placed second behind Alexis Kelley with a time of 6:04.52, followed by Peru’s Cydney Bond with a time of 6:42.89.

The Hornets then touched first in the 200-yard freestyle relay with a time of 1:49.41, followed by AuSable Valley with a time of 2:07.69.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Plattsburgh’s Kelly Davey touched first with a time of 1:06.59, followed by the Vikings’ Brooke Dever with a time of 1:10.26.

For the last individual event of the day, Brooke Kelley would break her personal best and pool record in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:12.23. Teammate Alice Elizabeth LaDue placed second with a time of 1:22.32, followed by the Indians’ Carah Powell, with a time of 1:25.47.

“It was one of my goals to break these two records,” Brooke Kelley said. “Once the IM record was broken I was so excited, I was just right off to the next race after that.”

Ruff was impressed by Brooke Kelley’s resiliency, as she was able to overcome their team’s initial disqualification and not only achieve her personal best, but a pool record as well.

“After the first event it was difficult,” Ruff said. “But to be able to pull herself together and perform like that was impressive

Although his team dominated nearly all of the events, Ruff believes the 200-yard freestyle relay will be his team’s best event heading into states. As for Brooke Kelley, she feels her best event will be the 100-yard breaststroke.

“Last year I came really close to making it to the finals and this year that is my goal,” Brooke Kelley said. “Hopefully I PR (personal record) in everything and everyone will have a good meet.”

Each first-place winner Saturday will represent Section VII in the state tournament, which will be held at Ithaca College on November 16.

Team scores

1, Plattsburgh 366. 2, Peru 255. 3, AuSable Valley 224. 4, Moriah 167.

Individual events

200-medley relay - 1, AuSable Valley (Brown, Butler, Cross, Drake), 2:12.41. 2, Peru (Barkla, Fountain, Silverman, Powell), 2:17.79. 3, Moriah (Dever, Madill, Shores, Joy), 2:30.05.

200 freestyle- 1, McCormick (AV), 2:12.50. 2, Davey (PHS), 2:13.06. 3, Barkla (Peru), 2:27.40. 4, Zmijewski (AV), 2:34.64. 5, Harblin-Bowlby (Peru), 2:37.06. 6, Kneifel (PHS), 2:37.27.

200 IM- 1, B. Kelley (PHS), 2:20.70. 2, Primard (PHS), 2:40.05. 3, Siverman (Peru), 2:48.83. 4, Wood (AV), 2:49.40. 5, Bond (Peru), 2:49.51. 6, Merritt (Peru), 3:03.72.

50 freestyle- 1, Leonard (PHS), 26.91. 2, Lavalley (PHS), 27.44. 3, Brown (AV), 28.63. 4, Cross (AV), 28.91. 5, Dever (Mor), 29.51. 6, Burdo (PHS), 29.97.

100 butterfly- 1, A. Kelley (PHS), 1:05.34. 2, Brown (AV), 1:08.50. 3, Primard (PHS), 1:13.83. 4, Silverman (Peru), 1:15.50. 5, Szczypien (Peru), 1:23.20. 6, Wells (PHS), 1:23.29.

100 freestyle- 1, Leonard (PHS), 1:00.48. 2, Lavalley (PHS), 1:02.12. 3, Burdo (PHS), 1:04.69. 4, Wood (AV), 1:08.29. 5, Lakomy (PHS), 1:08.66. 6, Harblin-Bowlby (Peru), 1:08.77.

500 freestyle- 1, A. Kelley (PHS), 5:37.91. 2, McCormick (AV), 6:04.52. 3, Bond (Peru), 6:42.89. 4, Simard (Mor), 6:48.15. 5, Wells (PHS), 6:52.63. 6, Zmijewski (AV), 6:56.01.

200-freestyle relay- 1, Plattsburgh (Lavalley, B. Kelley, Leonard, A. Kelley), 1:49.41. 2, AuSable Valley (Cross, Sprague, Zmijewski, Wood), 2:07.69. 3, Moriah (C. Simard, Perkins, Lashway, E. Simard), 2:21.33.

100 backstroke- 1, Davey (PHS), 1:06.59. 2, Dever (Mor), 1:10.26. 3, Barkla (Peru), 1:12.29. 4, Cross (AV), 1:13.09. 5, Caramia (PHS), 1:21.20. 6, Shores (Mor), 1:21.43.

100 breaststroke- 1, B. Kelley (PHS), 1:12.23. 2, LaDue (PHS), 1:22.32. 3, Powell (Peru), 1:25.47. 4, Fountain (Peru), 1:28.39. 5, Sheni (PHS), 1:31.52. 6, Szcypien (Peru), 1:34.96.

400-freestyle relay- 1, Plattsburgh (Wells, Primard, Davey, Lavalley), 4:15.22. 2, AuSable Valley (McCormick, Zmijewski, Wood, Brown), 2:26.63. 3, Peru (Bond, Silverman, Barkla, Harblin-Bowlby), 4:41.31. 4, Moriah (Dever, Simard, Shores, Joy), 4:59.60