Girls' Swimming

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AuSable Valley swimming coach Jay Ruff takes questions from his team during preseason practice. The CVAC girls' swimming season gets under way today. (P-R Photo/Rachel Moore)

PHS goes to great lengths in pool

PLATTSBURGH — The Plattsburgh High School Hornets once again appear to be in a class by themselves as they get ready to defend their Champlain Valley Athletic Conference and Section VII titles in girls’ swimming.

The Hornets put on a stellar performance Friday in the annual Preseason Open at Plattsburgh State. The Kelley sisters — junior Alexis and freshman Brooke — led the PHS wave with four first-place finishes each. Kelly Davey and Amanda Leonard were triple-winners while Kelsey Primard doubled for the Orange and Black.

Peru’s Mary Barkla, in the 200-yard individual medley, and AuSable Valley’s Lydia Brown, in the 100 freestyle, averted a PHS sweep of first places.

Preseason Open

200 medley relay- 1, PHS (Davey, B. Kelley, A. Kelley, Leonard), 2:03.12. 2, AuSable, 2:12.10. 3, Peru, 2:16.87. 200 freestyle- 1, A. Kelley (PHS), 2:07.50. 2, Bond (P), 2:32.84. 3, Caramia (PHS), 2:33.78. 200 ind medley- 1, Barkla (P), 2:40.72. 2, Primard (PHS), 2:45.08. 3, Fountain (P), 2:53.05.

50 freestyle- 1, Leonard (PHS), 27.22. 2, Lavalley (PHS), 28.71. 3, McCormick (AVC), 23.83. 100 butterfly- 1, A. Kelley (PHS), 1:05.75. 2, Brown (AVC), 1:09.53. 3, Primard (PHS), 1:17.95. 100 freestyle- 1, Brown (AVC), 1:00.72. 2, Leonard (PHS), 1:01.31. 3, Lavalley (PHS), 1:04.69.

500 freestyle- 1, B. Kelley (PHS), 5:52.53. 2, Dever (Mor), 7:09.35. 3, Simard (Mor), 7:15.15. 200 freestyle relay- 1, PHS (Lavalley, Jefferson, Primard, Leonard), 2:03.53. 2, PHS, 2:07.11. 3, Peru, 2:09.79. 100 backstroke- 1, Davey (PHS), 1:10.34. 2, Barkla (P), 1:12.29. 3, Dever (Mor), 1:15.30.

100 breaststroke- 1, B. Kelley (PHS), 1:15.46. 2, McCormick (AVC), 1:22.08. 3, LaDue (PHS), 1:28.25. 400 freestyle relay- 1, PHS (Primard, Davey, B. Kelley, A. Kelley), 4:21.66. 2, AuSable, 4:43.28. 3, Peru, 4:48.56.



Team captains Tonie Cross and Haley Sprague are the Patriots’ center point of strength and leadership.

Lydia Brown and Emily McCormick finished very strong last year for AuSable Valley (4-2), with McCormick making it to the state championship in the 200 and 500 freestyle. It is likely Brown and McCormick will be the team’s points leaders this year.

The Patriots are looking for returning swimmers Jasmaine Hall, Taylor Lincoln Leigh-Ann Wenzel, Emily Wood and Megan Zmijewski to step up as juniors and seniors, and lead the way for newcomers Erin Butler, Brianna Drake, Alysa Miller, Julianna Manning and Nicole SantaMaria.

Much like last year, the AuSable Valley team is small in size which makes it challenging to compete against larger schools Plattsburgh High and Peru.

Swimmers lost

Alexis Provost, Tia Brunk.

Swimmers returning

Lydia Brown, Tonie Cross, Jasmaine Hall, Taylor Lincoln, Emily McCormick, Haley Sprague, Leigh-Ann Wenzel, Emily Wood, Megan Zmijewski.


Erin Butler, Brianna Drake, Julianna Manning, Alysa Miller, Nicole SantaMaria.



With the loss of just two swimmers off last year’s 6-0 championship team, the Hornets figure to a force to be reckoned with.

Kelsey Primard and Amanda Leonard will be team captains on an experienced squad that returns 16 swimmers in all.

PHS has a strong senior class, with many returning standouts.

Alexis Kelley and Brooke Kelley are among the returning swimmers who had big years a season ago.

The Hornets have added nine varsity newcomers for a deep roster of 25 swimmers.

Swimmers lost

Jamie Rosner, Brin Keyser.

Swimmers returning

Zana Elshefay, Bailey Harney, Emily Jefferson, Alexis Kelley, Brooke Kelley, Emilie Kneifel, Alice Elizabeth LaDue, Antonia LaValley, Sabrina Lakomy, Amanda Leonard, Alyssa Pobocik, Kelsey Primard, Risha Sheni, Emily Wehrenberg, Corinne Wells, Taylor Whitesell.


Jenna Burdo, Kelly Davey, Hailey Frey, Alison Giroux, Alison Golden, Barrett Miller, Tina Mitsoglou, Marikate Parmeter, Zoe Porter.



PERU — The Indians, with only four seniors on the roster, will be young again this season. The team includes nine freshmen, one eighth-grader and one seventh-grader.

Senior Mary Barkla, who displayed her versatility by winning the 200-yard individual medley in the preseason open last week, will lead the Peru team.


Michaela Butler, Kali Dorey, Brianna Estrada, Mikalya Fountain, Mya Harblin-Bowlby, Alexis Hutchins, Madison McBride, Searah Merritt-Lee, Kytel Pena, Carah Powell, Saleen Ramos, Ellen Silverman, Alyssa Szczypien, Sara Szczypien, Danielle Tsounis, Mary Barkla, Amelia Bushey, Cydney Bond, Jessie Senecal.

Editor’s Note: No information was received from Moriah.