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PPR SPORTS Wrestling All-Stars 0330
The 2013 Champlain Valley Athletic Conference wrestling first-team all-stars: First row (L-R): Brandon Goddeau (Peru), Austin Trombley (NAC), Anthony Cartee (Beekmantown), Dylan Baker (AuSable Valley), Nick Forget (Peru). Second row (L-R): Tannner Phillips (Peru), Jordon Bushey (Peru), Noah Phillips (Peru), Hunter Carpenter (NAC), Caleb Feazelle (Peru). Third row (L-R): Troy Seymour (Peru), Gage Bourdeau (Beekmantown), Brandon Defayette (Beekmantown), Luke McKee (Peru), Cody Watts (Beekmantown). (Photo Provide)

Seymour Wrestler of the Year

PLATTSBURGH — Editor’s Note: All-Stars were selected by the CVAC coaches.

No surprise here.

Peru’s Troy Seymour has been chosen as the Wrestler of the Year on the Champlain Valley Athletic Conference 2012-2013 Wrestling All-Star Team.

The senior standout, who wrestled at 170 pounds this season, became the first Section VII matman to win 200 career matches.

In addition, Seymour became a Section VII champion for the fourth time and was a Division II place-winner at the state meet for the second time, finishing third this past season.

Seymour compiled a 207-35 record for his career, which included six years on the varsity.

Seymour joins Peru teammates Brandon Goddeau (99), Nick Forget (126), Tanner Phillips (132), Jordan Bushey (138), Noah Phillips (145), Caleb Feazelle (160) and Luke McKee (220) on the first team.

The Indians, who were awarded the Ray Holmes Sportsmanship Award, went unbeaten in defending their CVAC and Section VII titles.

The remainder of the first team included Beekmantown’s Anthony Cartee (113), Gage Bourdeau (182), Brandon Defayette (195) and Cody Watts (285), along with Northern Adirondack’s Austin Trombley (106) and Hunter Carpenter (152), and AuSable Valley’s Dylan Baker (120).

Goddeau, Trombley, Forget, Bushey, Noah Phillips, Carpenter, Seymour, Bourdeau and McKee all finished with unbeaten CVAC records.

Trombley, Forget, Bushey, Seymour, Bourdeau and McKee won Section VII championships this past season, with Forget placing fifth in the state at 126 and Bourdeau sixth in the state at 182.

Forget, Bushey and McKee are two-time sectional champions.

Beekmantown coach Lenny Gadway was selected by his peers as the Coach of the Year for 2012-2013.

Section VII champions highlighting the second team include Saranac’s Johnny Devins (99), Peru’s Ethan Feazelle (120), Saranac’s Austin Latulip (132), Saranac’s Codie Gillette (145), Beekmantown’s Zach Myers (152), Northern Adirondack’s Matt Lashway (195) and Northern Adirondack’s Scott Guerin (285).

Gillette was an all-star at 138 pounds and Lashway at 182.

Rounding out the second team are Peru’s Colin Hogan (106), Saranac’s Chad Brooks (113), Beekmantown’s Jon Graziane (126), Saranac’s Will Marcil (145), Beekmantown’s Dylan Peryea (160), Saranac’s Colby Staley (170), Peru’s Taylor Avanzato (195) and Saranac’s Paul Herrera (220).

Hogan, Ethan Feazelle, Latulip, and Herrera suffered just one loss in the CVAC.

Ethan Feazelle and Gillette are two-time sectional champions.

Northern Adirondack senior standout Justin Kellett, who was nearing 200 wins for his career when he suffered a season-ending injury, was selected as the Sportsman of the Year by the Wrestling Officials Association.

The Wrestling Official of the Year, as chosen by the wrestling coaches, went to Billy Jo Manor.

2012-2013 CVAC Wrestling All-Stars

Wrestler of the Year: Troy Seymour, Peru

Coach of the Year: Len Gadway, Beekmantown

Sportsman of the Year: Justin Kellett, Northern Adirondack

Wrestling Official of the Year: Billy Jo Manor

Ray Holmes Sportsmanship Award: Peru Central School

First Team

99- Brandon Goddeau, Peru freshman (7-0 CVAC record; 22-16 overall record; 41-28 career record).

106- Austin Trombley, Northern Adirondack eighth-grader (8-0 CVAC record; 35-8 overall record; 67-12 career record; sectional champion at 106 in 2013).

113- Anthony Cartee, Beekmantown eighth-grader (5-3 CVAC record; 27-12 overall record; 46-36 career record).

120- Dylan Baker, AuSable Valley freshman (6-2 CVAC record; 18-11 overall record; 34-23 career record).

126- Nick Forget, Peru junior (7-0 CVAC record; 35-7 overall record; 78-21 career record; sectional champion at 138 in 2012; sectional champion at 126 in 2013; fifth in the state at 126 in 2013).

132- Tanner Phillips, Peru junior (7-1 CVAC record; 28-12 overall record; 72-41 career record).

138- Jordan Bushey, Peru sophomore (7-0 CVAC record; 33-7 overall record; 72-22 career record; sectional champion at 126 in 2012; sectional champion at 138 in 2013).

145- Noah Phillips, Peru senior (8-0 CVAC record; 36-4 overall record; 121-27 career record).

152- Hunter Carpenter, Northern Adirondack junior (7-0 CVAC record; 31-8 overall record; 61-16 career record, sectional champion at 145 in 2012.

160- Caleb Feazelle, Peru senior (6-2 CVAC record; 27-8 overall record; 55-39 career record).

170- Troy Seymour, Peru senior (8-0 CVAC record; 43-3 overall record; 207-35 career record; sectional champion at 112 in 2009, 145 in 2011, 170 in 2012 and 170 in 2013; fourth in the state at 170 in 2012; third in the state at 170 in 2013).

182- Gage Bourdeau, Beekmantown senior (8-0 CVAC record; 40-6 overall record; 104-51 career record; sectional champion at 182 in 2013; sixth in the state at 182 in 2013).

195- Brandon Defayette, Beekmantown junior (6-1 CVAC record; 32-6 overall record; 85-34 career record).

220- Luke McKee, Peru junior (8-0 CVAC record; 33-6 overall record; 72-40 career record; sectional champion at 220 in 2012 and 2013).

285- Cody Watts, Beekmantown senior (7-1 CVAC record; 21-9 overall record; 21-9 career record).

Second Team

99- John Devins, Saranac seventh-grader (6-2 CVAC record; 25-12 overall record; 26-14 career record; sectional champion at 99 in 2013).

106- Colin Hogan, Peru eighth-grader (7-1 CVAC record; 26-8 overall record; 26-8 career record).

113- Chad Brooks, Saranac freshman (2-5 CVAC record; 9-25 overall record; 9-25 career record).

120- Ethan Feazelle, Peru freshman (5-1 CVAC record; 22-12 overall record; 45-23 career record; sectional champion at 99 in 2012 and at 120 in 2013).

126- Jon Graziane, Beekmantown junior (5-3 CVAC record; 32-8 overall record; 102-53 career record).

132- Austin Latulip, Saranac senior (7-1 CVAC record; 39-4 overall record; 110-33 career record; sectional champion at 132 in 2013).

138- Codie Gillette, Saranac junior (6-2 CVAC record; 36-7 overall record; 112-36 career record; sectional champion at 120 in 2012 and at 145 in 2013.

145- Will Marcil, Saranac freshman (6-2 CVAC record; 23-18 overall record; 34-31 career record).

152- Zach Myers, Beekmantown senior (5-3 CVAC record; 31-9 overall record; 118-56 career record; sectional champion at 152 in 2013.

160- Dylan Peryea, Beekmantown sophomore (6-2 CVAC, 29-12 overall record; 53-25 career record.

170- Colby Staley, Saranac freshman (5-3 CVAC record; 13-24 overall record; 13-24 career record).

182- Matt Lashway, Northern Adirondack junior (5-3 CVAC record; 35-9 overall record; 106-54 career record; sectional champion at 195 at 2013).

195- Taylor Avanzato, Peru junior (4-3 CVAC record; 17-22 overall record; 20-40 career record).

220- Paul Herrera, Saranac sophomore (7-1 CVAC record; 26-9 overall record; 46-21 career record).

285- Scott Guerin, Northern Adirondack junior (6-2 CVAC record; 23-17 overall record; 41-38 career record; sectional champion at 285 in 2013).